These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic! The weather has FINALLY gotten warmer which is the best gift I could have ever gotten. I’ve been able to explore Parco Sempione, the Castle, and a few other parts of Milan which are just beautiful. I’ve also had the chance to go to Genova, Torino, and Verona, all very beautiful cities, especially Verona! Each city has something different to offer. Genova reminded me a lot of California beaches, which was kind of comforting, and also had the most incredible pizza I’ve had (so far)!! Torino brought to me the greatest festival a girl could ever ask for: chocolate!!! Almost everything had some sort of hazelnut product in it, but I am certainly not complaining because it was all so delicious! (I may or may not have bought large amounts of chocolate at said festival). Verona was just the quaintest town I’ve been to! It was full of the Italian architecture and atmosphere that I’ve been craving. And since my friend from UMW was here to visit for spring break it was extra exciting because she was happy to see another city! Even the train ride there was beautiful (unlike some of the other times I traveled by train to northern cities). We managed to see the arena, some cute little piazzas, and Juliet’s “tomb.” It was all very beautiful and now I can see why Shakespeare chose that city for the setting of his most famous play! This upcoming weekend I’m heading to France (Aix-en-Provence) to visit my best friend and then it’s off to spring break!

So happy the weather has gotten warmer!