So since I arrived in Italy I’ve noticed a lot of things: Italians really only like to eat pork (they literally put it on everything), you can park anywhere you want and not get ticketed, and literally everyone here smokes cigarettes. These examples, among many others, I can get used to, honestly. But the one thing that I just don’t think I will ever adjust to is all of the waiting the Italians have to do!!

If they say patience is a virtue then the Italians are certainly the most virtuous people I’ve ever met. They have to wait in line for EVERYTHING. In the last week I’ve had to wait 30 minutes for a bus that didn’t take me anywhere; 90 minutes at the post office only to be turned away because they didn’t tell us it was the wrong one when we walked in; another 60 minutes to get a metro card that you can get instantly on the metros in America; and who knows how many minutes I had to wait at the disco to get in or, even worse, check in my coat. These are the times that stick out in my mind that I find unnecessary, but there are countless times for everything else. The train, the bathroom, getting something to eat. They literally wait for everything.

In these situations I truly admire the Italians for their patience and lack of frustration. However, I blame the bureaucracy and the “Italian way” of doing everything on their own time for how many hours I’ve wasted waiting in line when I could be sightseeing.

However, now I’ve gotten the paperwork done (mostly) and hopefully won’t have to do anymore waiting so I can sit back and enjoy my time in Europe. Classes start tomorrow so we’ll see how much time I’ll have to get things done. Hopefully I won’t have to wait in line just to go to class!