Hello fellow readers. I’ve FINALLY started my blog about my adventures in Italy (after being here for 2 days). In the last two days alone, I’ve had some interesting experiences. Remember when everyone said “Oh, don’t worry, everyone speaks English in Milan”? Yeah, that’s definitely not the case. I’ve had to get by on my very broken Italian (which is a little embarrassing) since being here. No one at the airport, cafe, or metro speak English which resulted in me getting very lost and losing a lot of euros. But as my dad likes to say to me on a regular basis, “It’s a learning experience.”

While the first day was a disaster all in itself and just made me want to go home, the second day was really exciting. I met a lot of international students, from France, Australia, England, and, of course, all of the Americans. Everyone seemed to be in the same place as I was too; some didn’t even have places to live yet! So I figured, I’m just going to put the first day behind me and start again. And what do you know? I LOVE MILAN! I experienced aperitivo for the first time, which is where you pay for one drink and get a free tapas buffet. And let me just say, it was so simple but so┬ádelicious! The Italians definitely know how to take something simple and make it incredible. I’ve even noticed that my Italian has improved in just one day. I’ve learned to say “Nice to meet you,” and “Where is…(insert every place I needed to go to?”

All in all I can tell that this trip is going to turn out to be the most incredible experience of my life.